Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A-Level Scholarship Interview

Last Saturday, I didn't go to school, instead, I went to Sunway College for an interview. Well, it was an A-Level Scholarship interview, I woke up at 8 o'clock and my dad's driver came to fetch me at about 9 o'clock. It was a saturday morning, not many vehicles were travelling along the highway, therefore, I managed to reach Sunway College at half past nine.

When I stepped out of my Dad's CR-V, I saw plenty of participants waiting in the "lobby". I went to the reception and registered, then, the receptionist handed me a blue bag printed with the words "Sunway University College". Later on, I saw some of my ex-school mates who were also participants of the interview. I also met my friend Jin Teng in the canteen.

At 10 o'clock sharp, we were brought to an auditorium. More than a hundred people including interview participants, parents and employees of Sunway College could be seen in the auditorium. Some were chit-chatting with one another, others were having some light refreshments provided by Sunway College. Jin Teng and I were given some pre-interview forms by the employees, we filled them up and handed them in. Then, we sat down and waited for our names to be called by the announcer.

Jin Teng's name was called first, she was then led by a Sunway College employee to the interview room. About 20 minutes later, my name was also called. A male employee brought me to a room beside the auditorium. I had waited for another 20 minutes before I was informed to enter the room to begin my interview. The moment I stood up from the chair, I told myself to relax and stay calm in my mind. I knocked softly on the door, twisted the door knob and entered the room.

Before me stood a middle-age chinese lady, I greeted her and then I sat down. I tried my best to stay calm. Relax, just be yourself, I said to myself. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself to her. After that, she also asked me some other questions about my family, my ambition and so on. I answered all of her questions without much problems. In the end of the interview, she gave me some positive comments and praised me for speaking good English despite the fact that I am a Chinese school student.

After the interview, I went back to the auditorium and chatted with Jin Teng for a while. At about 12 o'clock noon, my dad's driver came to pick me up and then I returned home.


  1. Hope you can get A-Level Scholarship and get into Sunway College.From your friend forover.

  2. Are you Yong Hwang? Pretty sure you are, LOL

  3. hello,i also got for sunway scholarship but for alevel . do you think sunway univesity is a best place for future study?